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With Zoho Contracts, you can reduce contract cycle times, minimize business risk, and improve contract governance. It is a complete contractual solution that eliminates the need for multiple applications. Yes, we support 22 languages, namely English (United States), Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Japanese, Spanish (Spain), French, German, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian, Dutch, Danish, Polish (Poland), Swedish, Bahasa Indonesian, Romanian, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Hebrew (beta), Arabic (beta). Zoho Contracts gives us better control over our contracts through its impressive automated workflows. We were able to eliminate almost all human error. Zoho`s broad product portfolio, seamless integrations, and fast team support kept us going. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and contracts help you define your commitment to your customers. SLAs allow you to specify the resolution time of a ticket based on criteria such as priority, channel, and customer type. And the contracts ensure that you adhere to the customer support plans you have agreed to for the specified period. Absolutely. You get 3 free agents in the free plan for which you wouldn`t have to pay anything out of pocket. We won`t even ask for a credit card. Let`s put it this way – if you`re stuck with email support, we`re here to improve your life.

Today`s business landscape is more dynamic than ever: global supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, regulatory action is becoming more frequent, and distribution models are diversifying. More than ever, there is a need for a powerful CLM system that allows you to manage and get the most out of your contracts. Enable your sales teams to get shorter sales cycles with Zoho Contracts. Sales reps can initiate new contracts and track their status directly from the transaction record in CRM. You can also ask the contract holder in Zoho Contracts to initiate negotiations and signatures without leaving the CRM. Keep track of your business contracts wherever you go. The Zoho Contracts iOS app has a custom mobile dashboard that gives you an overview of key contract metrics. The app also offers all the features you need when you`re not at your desk. Get 24/5 support, secure response within an hour, product integration support, and more.

Yes, we recommend that you modify your plans to find the best solution for your business. Click the More Trials link to upgrade from your current plan during the trial period. Define and prioritize your service goals with these essential elements, the cornerstones of all your customer service efforts. Use them to automate multiple routine tasks and keep an eye on your obligations. Get started today and create your Zoho Desk account to activate a 15-day free trial for any plan you want to take for a ride. Customize, configure, and explore all the powerful features of Zoho Desk without ever providing a credit card. Effectively streamline your contract lifecycle management (CLM) process with our feature-rich platform and achieve compliance at scale with reduced costs. We do not ask for your credit card and you do not need to install anything.

All tickets must be answered, but some must come first. Assigning a priority determines the order in which to respond. Maintain better control over your CLM data with predefined user roles that contain different permissions. Keep track of all user activity in your CLM. Better visibility into enterprise-wide activities allows you to create processes that enforce compliance. We accept payments by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. We also accept payments by bank transfer or cheque transfer for annual subscriptions. Security and data protection are important components of our software.

We store customer data in our own private data centers and each data exchange is fully encrypted. Matthew Cianfarani, Chief Operating Officer at Cartika Inc. After your trial period expires, you will need to purchase a monthly/annual subscription. Your trial account becomes your permanent account, leaving all your data and customizations intact. From time to time, the banknotes fall through the cracks and miss their dissolution time. Avoid this by setting rules for automatic escalation of a ticket that has passed its due date. You can notify the manager immediately and reassign the ticket to another agent. With a ticket status, you can track how many tickets your team has received, how many are in progress, and how many have been resolved. Zoho Desk`s default states are Open, Pending, Scaled, and Closed. You can also create custom ticket statuses that better match your workflow. Specify your working hours and holidays to ensure that your SLAs are applied appropriately. If at any time you are not satisfied with our product or service, you can get a full refund based on our company`s refund policy.

Yes, we offer a discount on annual commitments in advance. Our annual prices on this page reflect this discount. We also have a special award if you are a non-profit organization or an educational institution. .